• 6" round

    slices: 12 - 15

    base price: $75

  • 8" round

    slices: 20 - 24

    base price: $110

  • 4"/6" tiered

    slices: 20 - 24

    base price: $160

  • 6"/8" tiered

    slices: 32 - 38

    base price: $250

  • 4"/6"/8" tiered

    slices 44 - 50

    base price: $340

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  • the Alisa

    buttermilk infused vanilla cake/ birthday cake cookie dough fill/ pink confetti italian meringue buttercream

  • the Linda

    buttermilk infused vanilla cake/ sweet strawberry italian meringue buttercream buttercream

  • the Lilly

    buttermilk infused vanilla cake/ tart lemon curd/ lavender scented italian meringue buttercream

  • the Annette

    buttermilk infused vanilla cake/ raspberry curd/ vanilla italian meringue buttercream

  • the Eve

    fudgey chocolate cake/ chocolate chip cookie dough fill/ vanilla italian meringue buttercream

  • the Vikki

    fudgey chocolate cake/ sweet cherry fill/ pistachio italian meringue buttercream

  • the Iris

    fudgey chocolate cake/ silky caramel sauce fill/ chocolate buttercream

  • the Ellery

    perfectly spiced carrot cake/ cream cheese fill/ vanilla italian meringue buttercream

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  • basic

    can be decorated any color/ base and border don't need to match/ sprinkles & birthday message included

  • simple flowers

    simple & clean design

    flower fee: starting at $15 (varies flower to flower)

  • flowers but boujee

    a one of a kind design with brush strokes, swirls, ruffles, sprinkles, you name it

    flower fee: $15 (varies)

  • unicorn

    looks best as a 6" round/ hand-painted gold horn/ pastel mane can be made to your color choice

    extra fee: $15

  • fav character

    * requires more notice in order to track down toys for toppers/ can be designed for any character or theme

    extra fee: TBD on theme

  • free-style

    * typically requires extra notice in order to have decorations shipped in (or can be provided by you)/ tell me what your idea is & we'll brainstorm together

    extra fee: TBD

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    Please include as much detail as possible (i.e. all the info from above, event date, allergies, pick up or delivery)

    • cupcakes $36/dz

      vanilla/ chocolate/ carrot

      topped with vanilla/ strawberry/ pisatchio/ lavender buttercream

    • cookies $30/dz

      browned butter chocolate chunk cookie/ sea salt sprinkle

    • squares $36/dz

      varies on availably;

      birthday party squares/ fudgey brownies

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