i'm alisa!

(pronounced ah-lee-sa)

I'm a red seal certified baker located
in Victoria BC with not many other hobbies. I work full-time for a local bakery owned by my very best friend & come home to bake for all
you butter babes in my off hours. 

some FUN facts:

. i've worked in bakeries for 8 years

. i manage the local bakery i work at so you're always in good hands

. butter is my all time fav ingredient (can you guess how i picked the name?)

. i'd say my jokes & dancing abilities are pretty on par but my friends would tell you they're awful so take with that what you will

. i've been on the Food Network on Project Bakeover

. birthdays are my favourite holiday, yes they're a holiday & i think they should always be celebrated LOUD & PROUD

thank you to each & every one of you for supporting my butter dream <3

contact info

email: butter.cakes.sweets@gmail.com

instagram: @butter.cakes.sweets

please allow up to 2 weeks for email replies, thank you.

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FAQs aka

thoughts, questions, concerns?

where are you located?

we are bake out of Victoria BC

do you offer delivery?

we offer local delivery

delivery fees varies depending on distance

how far in advance should i order?

we ask for at least 1 weeks notice but spots are first come first serve so the earlier you place your order the better chance we'll have availability

when will your next holiday box drop?

we aim to have them available for pre-order on the website 2 weeks out

(sometimes earlier, sometimes later. keep an eye on our instagram to know whats going on)

i have a severe nut allergy, can you accommodate?

we cannot guarantee any baked goods to be 100% free of contaminates, however our kitchen only has pistachios & almonds in it

do you offer gluten free or dairy free?

not yet but gluten & dairy free recipes are in the works, stay tuned

do you offer wedding cake samples?

unfortunately being an at home bakery currently we are unable to provide samples

can you re-make my grandmas cake recipe for me?

we only offer our recipes that have been tested & we are proud of

if you don't see it, we don't make it

can you make me a cake for tomorrow?

no :) we need more notice